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Lexus Service And Repair In Merrimack, NH

31 years ago in 1989 Toyota executives sought to create a new, luxurious, premium sedan paired with a new v8 engine for export to the US market, that project known as F1(Flagship 1) which launched as the Lexus LS 400. This new vehicle represented a completely new approach for Toyota, the vehicle was new with no underpinnings of other models from their portfolio and would be sold exclusively in the US through an entirely new brand channel with 81 new locations across the US. Ultimately their total investment was almost $1B dollars to execute, an incredible gamble but one that proved successful. The car debuted with high praise and converted buyers from the established luxury car rivals BMW, Mercedes, Lincoln, and Cadillac. In the modern era Lexus continues to develop new and exciting sports cars, crossovers, SUV’s, and some impressive high-performance models such as the LFA and F-Sport editions. Each Lexus is designed and built to and I.D.E.A.L., (Impressive, Dynamic, Elegant, Advanced, and Lasting). This approach has made created vehicles that are innovative and engaging, while also being reliable, safe, and comfortable.

HM Motor Works is an independent Lexus service center. We work on all Lexus (both hybrid and internal combustion only motor-trains) sedans, coupes, and SUVs including regular maintenance, advanced diagnosis, repairs of broken systems and projects.


  • Change Engine Oil & Filter
  • Inspect and Adjust All Drive Belts
  • Inspect All Fluid Levels and Correct as Needed (battery, transmission, differential, coolant, windshield water, etc.)
  • Check and Adjust Brake Fluid Condition, Master Cylinder and Brake Booster
  • Remove Wheels – Clean, Adjust and Inspect Linings, Wheel Cylinders, Pads and Calipers, All Hydraulic Lines, Fittings and Hoses
  • Rotate Tires
  • Balance Wheels
  • Check Tire Wear and Pressure
  • Inspect Steering and Shocks
  • Inspect Drive Shaft Boots, Clamps, Ball Joints and Dust Covers
  • Replace Wiper Inserts
  • Inspect Spark Plug Wiring and Connectors
  • Inspect and Tighten Exhaust and Manifold Bolts
  • Inspect Cooling System
  • Inspect Cabin Air Filter and AC System For Proper Cooling
  • Service Battery and Clean Terminals
  • Inspect Air Filter
  • Check all Lights and Accessories For Proper Operation
  • Check All Door Locks/Handles and Hood Latch Lubricate Door Hinges
  • Road Test For Performance
  • Wash

Lexus Recommends Changing A/C Filters Every 15,000 Miles or Once a Year

MAINTENANCE SERVICE AT 30,000 / 60,000 & 90,000 MILES

  • Inspect Engine Timing Belt
  • Inspect All Fluid Levels, Drain and Correct as Needed (battery, differential, coolant, etc.)
  • Inspect Ball Joints, Front Suspension, Tires for Abnormal Wear and Correct Tire Pressure
  • Check Operation of Lights and Wipers
  • Lubricate Doors, Hood Hinges and Chassis
  • Change Engine Oil & Filter
  • Balance & Rotate Tires
  • Replace Drive Belt(s) (60,000 miles only)
  • Change Brake Fluid, Inspect Parking Brake System, Master Cylinder and Brake Booster, Adjust as Needed
  • Replace Wiper Inserts
  • Replace Platinum Tip spark Plugs (90,000 miles only)
  • Replace PCV Filter (60,000 miles only)
  • Remove Wheels, Clean, Adjust and Inspect Linings, Wheel Cylinders, Pads and Calipers, All Hydraulic Lines, Fittings and Hoses.
  • Change Power Steering Fluid (if applicable)
  • Coolant System Service, Flush Radiator and Replace Coolant
  • Replace Fuel Filter (if applicable)
  • Inspect and Tighten Exhaust and Manifold Bolt
  • Tighten Chassis Bolts
  • Service Battery and Clean Terminals
  • Replace Engine Air Filter and A/C Cabin Air Filter
  • Service Transmission – Automatic Change Fluid (if applicable)
  • Road Test for Performance
  • Wash

Lexus Recommends Replacing Engine Timing Belt at 90,000 Miles

EXP: 07/05/23. See desk for full details.
  • Synthetic oil service with OEM quality filter and engine oil
  • Reset service light (if applicable)
  • Tire Rotation (excludes Staggered wheel fitment)
  • Battery, charging system and starting system test.
  • Lubricate door & trunk hinges/latches
  • Top off all engine bay fluids
  • Visual inspect cooling system & additional engine bay items
  • Visual inspection of under car and driveline
  • Inspection of all exterior lights
  • Inspection of wipers & washer jet function
  • Testing of Brake fluid condition (Brake Fluid should be replaced every 24 months)
  • Tire & brake condition inspection, including tire pressure check
    Install Liqui-Moly fuel injection cleaner