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Engine Repairs & Replacements
in Merrimack, NH

Your engine is the powerhouse of your vehicle, keeping it running smoothly and efficiently. When your engine begins to give out, you will notice your vehicle won’t be able to run well or even at all. Continuing to try to drive on an engine that needs repairs or maintenance can lead to overheating, stalling, and misfiring, all resulting in costly repairs and, most likely, replacement.

Having a reliable vehicle is important for any driver, and the key to that reliability lies in proper engine repair and replacement. At HM Motor Works, we understand how essential it is for your vehicle to remain in top condition, which is why we provide engine repair and replacement services in Merrimack, NH. With our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust us with all your engine needs!


Warnings That Your Engine Needs Service 

If you want to keep your engine running smoothly for as long as possible, you need to know when to get it serviced. If you notice any of the following problems with your car, please bring it to HM Motor Works as soon as possible. 

  • The check engine light is on
  • Increased amounts of exhaust smoke
  • Poor or declining acceleration
  • Strange odors are coming from the engine
  • Low or deteriorating fuel efficiency
  • When the engine is turned off, the car vibrates excessively and makes a “knocking” sound from underneath the hood

Our top-notch technicians are experienced in a variety of luxury vehicles and can take care of any problem with your engine. You can prevent expensive engine replacements with our preventative services.


Problems That Require a Complete Engine Replacement 

Depending on the severity of the issue, engine replacement may be the only viable option for getting your vehicle back on the road. Even though we do our best to save your engine, extensive, irreparable damage may require your engine to be replaced. Some reasons why you might need to have a new engine include:  

  • Extensive rust and corrosion
  • Damage and wear from frequent use 
  • Extreme overheating caused by a lack of coolant circulation
  • Components in the block or the head that have worn out significantly
  • Components that are severely worn out in the block or the head 
  • Significant cracks or damaged pieces in the block
  • Issues with internal mechanical components, such as seized pistons or valves

Our trained technicians will do everything they can to diagnose and repair the engine. If we believe that replacing your vehicle’s engine is the safest option, we will install a brand-new, high-quality unit backed by our nationwide guarantee that is good for three years or 36,000 miles.


Top-Rated Engine Repair & Replacement Services in Merrimack, NH

Taking care of your engine with regular repairs and maintenance is the best way to prevent extensive repairs and costs in the future. However, sometimes an engine replacement is unavoidable. Whether it’s a repair or replacement, our vehicle technicians in Merrimack at HM Motor Works are experienced in working with various luxury vehicles to get your car back up and running. We will also keep you informed on all repairs so you are aware of the entire process. Plus, we offer loaner cars, shuttle services, and after-hours drop-offs, so you don’t have to be inconvenienced by unexpected repairs. Contact us today at (603) 288-1485 to schedule engine repair and replacement services in Merrimack, NH, or drop by.


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